Dimter Opticut S90 XL

Dimter Opticut S90 XL

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DIMTER automatic optimizing cross cut saw, type S90 XL                                

Manufacture year 2010


Machine specifications:

- Push infeed, max. length 6300 mm

- Automatic length measuring and chalk reader

- Cutting width 40 – 420 mm

- Cutting height 15 – 170 mm

- Min. cross section 20 x 10 mm

- Max. cross section 270 x 170 / 410 x 30 mm

- Motor 13.5 kW

Consisting of:


Cross chain infeed system

8 pc. chain transport with 3 latch rows


Push infeed system with liftable pusher

Infeed length 6300 mm, length detecting and chalk reader


OptiCom Direct controller


Opticut cross cut saw unit S90 XL

With side pusher and waste gate


Outfeed transport belt with 2 automatic pushers


ModelOpticut S90 XL