Primultini SIB 1600-CFE-IFB

Primultini SIB 1600-CFE-IFB

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Hardinxveld-Giessendam, Nederland

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PRIMULTINI log bandsaw line type SIB-1600-CFE-IFB

with SÄNGER & MASSIERER heavy duty mechanization


Consisting of:

- Heavy duty cross chain transport for logs

- Loading deck with separations arms

- PRIMULTINI hydraulic log carriage, type CFE

- PRIMULTINI hydraulic driven rope feeding, type IFB

- Control cabin with MUDATA controller

- PRIMULTINI band saw machine, type SIB 1600

- S&M outfeed roller conveyor to brushing machine

- S&M reload deck

- S&M brushing machine

- S&M roller conveyor system with 2x2 outfeed sections


ModelSIB 1600-CFE-IFB