WEINIG schaaflijn Hydromat 22 BL met Spalt en bundeling


WEINIG schaaflijn Hydromat 22 BL met Spalt en bundeling

Hardinxveld-Giessendam, Nederland


Weinig Hydromat 22B planing line with automatic de-stacking and infeed system, Spalt-splitting, bundling and automatic stacking system

Consisting of:

 1. Weidner cross chain transport for wood packages

 2. Weidner tilt hoist

 3. Weidner cross chain transport

 4. Drop section for waste

 5. Weinig automatic infeed table type 814

 6. Weinig Hydromat 22B moulder,

   10 spindles, B-T-R-L-R-L-T-B-T-B + Spalt

   Max. feed speed 80 m/min (with spalt max. 36 m/min)

   PowerCom controller for spindle adjustment

   Digital positioning radial direction: spindle 3 – 10

   Digital positioning axial direction: spindle 4 – 9

 7. Weidner outfeed system with cross transport

 8. Weidner manual bundle station

 9. Mosca strapping machine

10. Weidner roller conveyor with cross chain and event end rollers

11. Weidner automatic stacking system

12. Weidner hydraulic lifting table with roller conveyor

13. 2 pc. roller conveyors for wood packages

Complete with :

- Opti-control measuring system

- PC with PowerCom software

- Hydro-tooling

- Available spare parts


ModelHydromat 22 BL