WEINIG - Almab high speed planing line

WEINIG - Almab high speed planing line

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WEINIG high speed planing line Hydromat Super 30-B with ALMAB automation

Consisting of:

- Weinig moulder Hydromat Super 30-B

9 spindles: B-T-R-L-T-B-B-T-B

Feed speed 160 m/min

electronic feeding with frequency drive

- Almab transport belts for outfeed

- Almab cross transport with fair ending

- Almab cross transport with layer builder

- Almab multiple cross cutting saw with 5 saws.

- Almab automatic stacking machine

- Almab 6 pc. stacking stick cassettes

- Almab cross chain transport for packages


FabrikantWEINIG - Almab
Modelhigh speed planing line